real to the roots

aurora the first


Gorgeous aurora quartz spikes are suspended from a geometric hammered brass pendant.  Worthy of a bride or princess.

  • 14k gold filled ear wires*
  • genuine quartz crystals - size and shapes varies 
  • lightweight

Jewelry by Real To The Roots is made with materials from the earth like metal, genuine leather and crystals rather than man-made materials like plastics. Real and natural materials help us stay grounded and connected to the earth while crystals can have positive impact on the wearer.

rtr jewelry is extremely lightweight and made with high-quality 14k gold filled ear wires for sensitive ears.

*Brass can tarnish over time which gives the jewelry a vintage and charming look. If you prefer the shiny gold tone we recommend buffing the earrings (not the ear wires) with 0000 fine steel wool from time to time. It takes just a few seconds to bring the gold back to life. 
**Gold-filled wire is made by adding a layer of 14- or 12-karat gold to a brass core. The metals are permanently bound together using heat and pressure. 
In contrast to gold plating, gold-filled jewelry is tarnish resistant and can last many years if properly maintained.

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