real to the roots

double diamonds | gold & silver


Um, we just cannot get over this look シ

Can geometric earrings ever get boring? 

  • 14k gold filled or sterling silver ear wires
  • Hammered brass diamonds
  • Facetted amazonite drop gems or moonstone spikes
  • Lightweight 

Jewelry by Real To The Roots is made with materials from the earth like metal, genuine leather and crystals rather than man-made materials like plastics.  Real and natural materials help us stay grounded and connected to the earth while crystals can have positive impact on the wearer. Our jewelry is extremely lightweight and made with high-quality ear wires for sensitive ears. Shine by wearing kick-butt modern boho jewelry that represents who you are - handmade by PNW local Conny Riley.  Each piece is hand designed and crafted with attention to detail. Raw materials are sourced mainly from Turkey and India and upcyled leather from local sources. 

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